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Mark Scott
"It's surprising how many people believe that poets have 'deeper feelings' and are 'more creative' than they themselves have and are. Imagine how that makes me feel."

Illinois Jacquet, Allen Ginsberg, Istvan Eorsi, and My Father
Mark Scott

A Bucket of Maggots, A Can of Worms:
Methods of Order in Russell H. Greenan's Macabre Collage

Tom Whalen
"There are no charming madmen or even a protagonist in A Can of Worms, just a pervasive corruption—Boston by, say, Louis-Ferdinand Céline minus the ellipses."

A Tribute to John McCormick

John Owen McCormick.
Curriculum Vitae

By Carol Colatrella, Graham Parry, Heinz Ickstadt, Seymour Topping, Irving Horowitz, Betty Fussell, John Roe, E. Ann Kaplan, Joan Acocella, Phil Pastras, Stephen Miller, Alan Cheuse, Jeanne Gunner.

Man of Action, Man of Letters
Neil H. Donahue
"After one frustrating session of lackluster oral reports, as we headed out of the room, he asked me what I thought; I told him I felt like throwing my chair out the window: he said the two of us together might have gotten the whole desk."

On Being John McCormick's Last Student
Thomas Kiddie
"In 1995, I wrote that I was turning forty and had planned a month-long holiday in France as a celebration. He wrote back that he would give his left arm to be forty again-I took note that it wasn't his right arm that he was offering-and that he had learned how to fight bulls when he was forty."

E. D. Blodgett

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