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Robert Frost's Interval
Mark Richardson and The Editors
"My purpose in sending it is not to disqualify you as an authority, or to persuade you of anything, but to teach you not to assume too lightly that nobody but yourself has a reason for what he does."

Passages Into and Out of Middle Earth
Henry Atmore
"The schoolmasterly tone, dominant in The Hobbit, not quite submerged in the cod-heroism of LOTR, was appropriate, for as the Letters reveal, Tolkien did think he was imparting truths about denial, responsibility, guilt, sin, etc. But he made an odd and unwilling teacher."

Three Poems
Rebecca Reynolds

Affective Convention
Francis Raven
"There's this other problem, which is that we don't really know how successful our friends are. We don't have access to the criteria, like I'm a poet and I have a book come out every year from some small publisher or another, does that mean I'm successful? There's no way to know from the outside. In some fields publishing one paper means you're a rockstar; in others, that's what you'd better be doing or you're not even really in that field."

Gregor Samsa's Job
Robert Wexelblatt
"Only as a bug does Gregor sense through music 'the unknown nourishment' he needs. In other words, as a bug Gregor goes both up and down on the scale of being. Both movements are true. Work can be bestial, unemployment human and vice versa. To write in one's room one must crawl away from the family circle and so look to them peculiar, unintelligible, parasitic."

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