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Introducing College Hill Review
"The emphasis on style may need explanation. Given the direction and tone of much academic commentary in the arts and humanities, it may need defense as well. Our emphasis on style is meant to democratize the mission, and to exalt it."

The Technique of Time in Lolita
William Vesterman
"We know what it was like for Humbert to experience time as change, because--having been mistaken and surprised by the same facts--we have gone through a simulacrum of his experience in its creation of a new consciousness defined by before and after."

Memoir: "The Kingdom of Geek"
Mary Akers
"Thus began my real awakening--to a mysterious world that had been there all along but to which I was suddenly privy . . . . It was the blossoming of my geekdom, my nature-girl geekdom, and it was glorious."

Analog: A Photo Essay
Ray Klimek

Six Poems
Mark Scott

What's Right With MFA Programs?
Clifford Garstang
"Many writers, including some who teach in graduate programs, claim that creative writing cannot be taught. Whether this is true or not is probably unknowable, but the attitude is certainly a paradox . . . . If they're right, why do they keep on teaching?"

Down the Shore with Henry James
James Barszcz
". . . the most poignant moments of experience for him as an artist come neither from gathering impressions nor from writing them down but from a state of awareness poised between the two events . . . . The richness of the artistic life, so distinct from the affluence it might be lived within, consists in the recollection of looking forward to writing about the past."

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